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Working at our Düsseldorf office

Our Düsseldorf office welcomes you 10 minutes away from the old town and the rhine river – you can see the famous rhine tower from our balcony on the 6th floor. The best place for a coffee or a nice chilled “Feierabend-Bier” in our fridge. Hey, it’s Germany! But we’ve not only got you covered in the evening – although our parties are legendary. At lunchtime, we serve you a nice, fresh and free lunch. Followed by a round of table tennis or kicker, if you like. 

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Welcome home!

Wondering if Düsseldorf is the right city for you? It’s easy to decide, because once you’re there, you never have to choose again. Have a home-brewed beer at the “longest bar in the world” (you’ll find out) or dinner at the harbour, spend your Saturday cheering at a soccer game or shopping on the glamorous Königsallee, enjoy german cuisine or international food (don’t miss out Little Tokyo!), go mountain biking in the forest or chill at the beach (indeed) – in Düsseldorf, you can have it all! 

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Open roles in Düsseldorf